X11 Grade 7/SEO Finance Roles
London - Various, Depending on Role

Type: Permanent
Start: ASAP
Duration: Permanent
Posted: 08 December 2017

Finance Business Partner – Grade 7 (x1)

Financial Planning & Strategy – Grade 7 (x1)

Assistant Head Financial Advice – Grade 7 (x1)

Assistant Finance Business Partner – SEO (x3)

Financial Strategy Advisor – SEO (x1)

Financial Accountant – SEO (x2)

Internal Control Manager – SEO (x1)

Taxation Specialist – HEO (x1)

This is a truly exciting time to join a high-profile UK Government Department. BEIS is now responsible for: developing and delivering a comprehensive industrial strategy and leading the government’s relationship with business; ensuring the country has secure energy supplies that are reliable, affordable and clean; ensuring that the country has secure energy supplies that are reliable, affordable and clean; ensuring the UK remains at the leading edge of science, research and innovation as well as tackling climate change.

Role Summaries:


Finance Business Partner – Grade 7 & SEO

The role of finance business partners is becoming increasingly important in supporting the Policy Teams with decision making and delivering value for money across government.  The Finance Business Partner will work as part of a Finance Business Partner team in delivering excellence in analysis, decision making and financial control.  A key aspect of the role is regular dealings with budget leads and Directors to assist with issues in their policy areas and finding solutions, assessing the financial impacts from policy decisions, and advising on budget management.  In addition, the role holder is responsible for ensuring financial information is collated and reported accurately within finance systems and that risk and opportunities to the wider group position are clearly understood. Responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting sound budget management
  • Ensure budget holders are clear on their allocated budgets and their targets for managing them
  • Proactive work with the business to ensure accurate budget forecasts are received and are correctly reflected on the systems
  • Ensure a smooth monthly reporting process
  • Take the initiative in managing risks to the Accounting Officer
  • Challenging and scrutinising information to ensure credibility in the numbers
  • Championing financial awareness and financial management across the business
  • Informing policy development in the group


Financial Planning & Strategy – Grade 7 

The Financial Planning & Strategy accountant will collaborate with stakeholders in all areas of finance and the business and report to senior leaders to ensure that finance is at the heart of decision making. The Planning & Strategy team support the Finance Business Partners in providing advice and challenge to their groups while taking a big picture view to ensure decision making is joined up. 

Key Duties will include: 

  • Provide expert advice and challenge to teams on financial matters, helping them to live within their delegated budgets and deliver value for money. Challenge teams and delivery bodies to provide realistic planning estimates that take account of financial risks and opportunities.
  • Provide financial reporting to senior management that can be used to support decision making. 
  • Provide high quality information and advice to shape business planning bids and support prioritisation decisions within Groups and the Department. Share insight to help ensure the optimal business planning outcome for the Department as a whole, including challenging teams' assumptions where necessary.


Assistant Head Financial Advice – Grade 7  

The Assistant Head Financial Advice is the Department’s subject matter expert on all aspects of the FReM and IFRS.  Throughout the year they are tasked with providing technical accounting advice on all new projects and ways of delivering BEIS outcomes.

Key responsibilities include:

  • HM Treasury – BEIS boundary (designation and amendment orders).
  • Classification Review Group lead and coordinator.
  • Preparation of technical papers for NAO.
  • Guardian of the BEIS accounting policies.
  • Accounts preparation for BEIS minor bodies.
  • Supporting the BEIS Resource Accounts production.


Financial Strategy Advisor – SEO

The BEIS Financial Strategy, Planning & Systems team aims to secure the right funding to deliver the Department’s priorities to ensure that the Department keeps within that budget and to get the best possible value for money for each pound that the Department spends. The team demands a mix of skills, in particular the ability to build and maintain excellent relationships; to exercise judgement and discretion based on limited information; and attention to detail in financial management.

The post holder will:

  • Manage and co-ordinate fiscal events (Autumn Budget and Spring Statement), leading policy teams through the process of securing funding for the Government’s strategic priorities for BEIS; and leading negotiations with Treasury.
  • Monitor in-year spending forecasts, providing advice to Ministers on measures to control, reduce or re-prioritise spending if necessary.
  • Work to ensure that the Department’s forecasts for the Spending Review period are accurate and the main drivers of the Department’s spending are understood. This involves working closely with policy colleagues and finance business partners.


Financial Accountant – SEO

The Financial Accountant will partner and collaborate with a range of stakeholders, acting as the face of financial accounting, helping to resolve accounting problems, to ensure the Department’s financial records are free from errors and the annual accounts are laid pre parliamentary recess.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Build understanding of the two accounting systems used to prepare the accounts and maintain high levels of integrity of that data;
  • Build understanding of the data tool used to capture financial information from Partner Organisations;
  • Engage with key stakeholders to ensure these systems are fit for purpose;
  • Work with the BEIS shared service providers to complete monthly journals;
  • Undertake the monthly review and reconciliation of ledger balances;
  • Undertake the monthly Whole of Government Accounts checks;
  • Undertake the BEIS Counterparty reconciliation and management;


Internal Control Manager – SEO

The Internal Controls manager will partner and collaborate with a range of stakeholders, acting as the face of financial control, helping to implement internal audit recommendations, to ensure the Department’s financial records are free from errors.

Key Responsibilities will include:

  • Build understanding of the internal controls that should operate across the department; Operate the internal controls assigned to the Financial Controller;
  • Perform the control checks that operate between BEIS and its Shared Services provider;
  • Prepare papers for the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee (ARAC);
  • Track the implementation of recommendations by the Internal Audit function;
  • Gain assurance on a quarterly basis that internal controls are being operated effectively;
  • Provide advice and guidance on internal controls and assurance to a variety of stakeholders around the Department;
  • Engage with the Internal Auditors, the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA), to ensure that the audit process runs smoothly;


Taxation Specialist – HEO

BEIS is required to account to HMRC for a number of direct and indirect taxes, of which VAT and the PAYE taxes are the most important. The Taxation Specialist will support the Senior Taxation Specialist in providing advice across the department, ensuring that taxation policies are observed and that the Department’s tax returns are accurate and free from errors.

Key Responsibilities will include:

  • Engage with the Department’s shared service providers to maintain the accuracy and integrity of its taxation records;
  • Engage effectively with the rest of the Finance, the Core Department and external partner organisations.
  • Maintain the Tax Knowledge & Information Management (KIM) systems for BEIS.
  • Update / maintain the Tax Risk Register;
  • Assist with Departmental tax queries (Direct tax / Indirect tax);
  • Assist with Tax compliance reviews;

Key Competencies for these roles:

  • Leading & Communicating
  • Collaborating & Partnering
  • Changing & Improving
  • Delivering at Pace


For further information, please contact Tim Salmon or Michael Quest at Allen Lane on 0203 031 9634. Please head to https://allenlanerecruitment.wixsite.com/beis2017 for a more comprehensive breakdown of the context of each role/the department.

Reserve List: If we receive applications from more suitable candidates than we have vacancies for at this time, we may hold suitable applicants on a reserve list for 12 months, and future vacancies in the Civil Service requiring the same skills and experience could be offered to candidates on the reserve list without a new competition.

To Apply:

You will need to submit your CV, completed application/diversity form and cover letter (more information available via https://allenlanerecruitment.wixsite.com/beis2017 as to how to structure the competency-based cover letter) to BEIS@allenlane.co.uk before the application deadline on Monday 8th January 2018.

Key Preliminary Timings:

Application Deadline: Monday 8th January

Shortlisting: Monday 15th January

Interviews: week commencing 23rd January

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