Code of Practice

Allen Lane commits to observe the following Codes of Practice drawn up by the Statutory Commissions for Equality:


  • Code of Practice – Sex Discrimination
  • Code of Practice on Equal Pay
  • Gender Equality Duty – Code of Practice for England and Wales


  • Statutory Code of Practice on racial equality in employment
  • Statutory Code of Practice on the Duty to Promote Race Equality


  • The Duty to Promote Disability Equality: Statutory Code of Practice: England and Wales
  • Code of Practice: Employment and Occupation

Age, Religion or Belief, Sexual orientation

There are no statutory Codes in force covering these areas, however ACAS have produced guidance documents on these topics to which we endeavour to comply with. These guides include the following:

  • Age and the Workplace – Putting the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 into practice
  • Religion or Belief and the Workplace – Putting the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 into practice
  • Sexual Orientation and the Workplace – Putting the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 into practice

These Codes of Practice are discussed in more detail at

Allen Lane commits to comply with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions on Employee rights which are discussed in more detail at–en/index.htm

Allen Lane is committed to promoting equal opportunities both as an employer and as provider of services. At Allen Lane we make every effort to prevent discrimination or other unfair treatment against any of our staff, potential staff or users of our services, regardless of gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, marital status, family circumstances, disability, sexual orientation, age, trade union activity, political or religious belief, Allen Lane is opposed to racist and sexist practices and attitudes and is committed to translating this into all aspects of its everyday work.

Allen Lane is committed to developing and maintaining working environments and practices which ensure equality of opportunity in recruitment selection.

Discriminatory attitudes or behaviour are unacceptable at any time and commitment to equal opportunities is a requirement of all Allen Lane staff.

At Allen Lane, we are committed to providing services which are relevant, attractive and accessible to all those who might which to use them. Staff are required to be fully aware of the responsibilities in this respect and to ensure that systems of referral to our services do not operate to exclude or discourage participation, and that our employees are welcoming and attractive to all potential clients.