Diversity and Inclusion at Allen Lane

Allen Lane has a crucial role to play.

Every Allen Lane employee appreciates the significance of the UK achieving diverse, inclusive, and exceptional workforces.

Whether supporting nationwide organisations exceed their diversity and inclusion targets, or helping local residents with disabilities aiming to re-join the workforce; Allen Lane acknowledges the recruitment industry’s responsibility and duty.

For as long as we can remember, we have committed to promoting inclusion and equal opportunities in the workplace both to our staff and, increasingly, in support of individual and organisation-wide targets of our candidates and clients respectively. As a partner to public sector organisations, we aspire to be at the forefront of, and driving where we can, government and public sector wide initiatives including how the civil service plans to become the most inclusive employer in the UK by 2020. For more information, please read The Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

What does Diversity and Inclusion mean to us?

At Allen Lane, we recognise and appreciate that every individual is different. It’s part of what makes us Allen Lane. Importantly, it’s part of what helps us attract and retain the staff that we do. Whilst it is admittedly easier to practice what we preach in a business of our size, it’s essential that our staff – at whatever level, whether part or full time, or whether benefiting from our working from home and flexible working initiatives – feel valued, feel respected and feel that they have a voice. When new members of the team start, they are inducted in our approach to D&I (as well as the REC mandate) as part of the tailored training and support plan in which people will learn about our culture, our history and our “values” – Responsibility, Pride, Work Ethic, Enjoyment and Respect – which everyone in the company contributed to creating, in January 2018.

In addition, we promote inclusion incorporating tailored employee policies to both suit individual needs and wants, and to also ensure people feel valued. We update our policies annually – and more often if needed. Quite simply, we want to create an environment in which everyone feels they can thrive, enjoying work and life as much as they possibly can.

How do we take our approach to diversity and inclusion to the market place?

Just as we recruit and reward our staff based on professional merit and performance, so our external recruitment and client engagement practices – whether we’re conducting an executive search for a permanent Government Departmental Director or an interim Project Support Officer for a week long assignment – ensure we are fair and transparent, engaging with the client to understand challenges before assessing experience and skills. Often, where required in permanent mandates, we will sift anonymised CVs and applications whilst collecting anonymised and optional diversity data, and shortlist against essential criteria to ensure processes aren’t unduly influenced in any way. We will ensure that candidates (and clients) have every chance to succeed by arranging suitable facilities where required.

If needed, we will challenge our clients to ensure equality on a shortlist and that diversity is better reflected within across their organisation. Indeed, we work with (and recruit) Diversity specialists within organisations to ensure our recruitment approach is in line with supporting their own initiatives around diversity, inclusion and equality.

Before we commence campaigns, we will agree what Management Information (MI) is required from each organisation. In addition, we do not discriminate on grounds of age, caring responsibilities, disability, gender, gender identity, marriage and civil partnerships, part-time working, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any other factor irrelevant to a person’s work.

More than that however, studies have shown that it is in organisation’s interest to incorporate diverse thought at all levels, in particular in the key decision making roles. Providing shortlists of diverse candidates in isolation is pointless; Allen Lane add value by providing diverse shortlists of appointable candidates. As we grow, so does our network. Our commitment to diversity AND inclusion is not shown by which LinkedIn Groups we are members of, but by providing evidence of where we lead the way in shaping diverse organisations and inclusive cultures.

And the evidence?

In 2018, out of 955 placements made across our different disciplines, 48% were BAME candidates; 46% female (although 53% of permanent placements made in the same timeframe were female candidates) and every single Director shortlist (100%) included both male and female candidates. We support local social value initiatives, facilitate work experience for teenagers interested in the recruitment industry, and proactively work with Councils to help ex-offenders seeking to re-join the work place.

Everyone says that… examples? Aside from nationwide initiatives of which many are involved, at Allen Lane, we want to run events rather than support events.

In 2019, we will be the only executive consultancy tasked with working in conjunction with HM Treasury to help support their quest for a diverse pool of fresh talent at the Deputy Director and Director levels across all Departments and affiliated organisations. This requires us working with a number of government stakeholders and approaching non-civil servants, having a broad (aforementioned) network of ‘external’ (passive or active) candidates, and sharing our awareness of the challenges facing Government and how it is perceived externally. This follow up event will take place in June.

In 2019, we are working proactively with CFOs from within the NHS, along with NHS Improvement (the sector regulator) to run a similar, cross-sector initiative to that in government; supporting the ‘Going Beyond’ national programme. To succeed and most importantly, to help Europe’s largest employer succeed, we need to not only have excellent networks within the NHS; we need to be credible influencers. We hope that we can be recognised as the most proactive partner to both the NHS and Central Government Corporate Services functions.

And at Allen Lane?

One of our missions is to create and maintain a positive, inclusive and productive environment for all staff, which we do through a number of individual or group wide schemes. Whether it’s ensuring remote access (and laptops for those who want / need); enabling part time working; supporting parents with children (big and small!); providing flexible working; private health; arranging internal and external support for physical and mental health and well-being; appreciating religious differences and sexual preferences; encouraging personal development incorporating internal and external training and courses (some of which are work related, some to fulfil personal interests); promoting healthy living through personal and group training as well as filling the office with fruit (and often cake); mentoring, life coaching and counselling schemes; sabbaticals; individual and group internal and external training … we want to create the environment where people feel wholly catered for, included, accepted, and where all are treated as individuals. We’re proud of our differences and similarities.

To find out more about any of this or to teach us more, please contact Maurice Goldstone on 0203 031 9630 or by emailing mauricegoldstone@allenlane.co.uk. To speak with our Data Protection Officer, please contact Tessa Addison on 020 3031 9623 or by emailing tessaaddison@allenlane.co.uk.

We do not discriminate on grounds of age, caring responsibilities, disability, gender, gender identity, marriage and civil partnerships, part-time working, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any other factor irrelevant to a person’s work.

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