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Where it all began in April 2004…

Finance &

Where it all began in April 2004…

The improvement of public finances presents a moral and technical challenge. With an economy a sixth smaller than expected before the financial crisis, and cross sector spending cuts that prevail, opportunities within the sector call for real commercial thinking and flair to achieve more with less.

The public and not-for-profit sectors have overcome some significant profile issues over the last decade. Brexit uncertainty ensures that this will not change.

Initially perceived as old fashioned and bureaucratic, the sectors aggressively expanded during the last Government’s tenure and are now experiencing a period of consolidation, full of the UK’s top public sector professionals and some outstanding accountants seeking work in a sector with an impact on everyday life.

Central Government Finance

Allen Lane, whether through permanent or interim frameworks or as a result of our robust relationship with Government Finance and the Finance Leadership Group, are arguably best placed of all consultancies to support those seeking to break into central government (whether departmental or an ALB) or move from one arm of government to another.

We operate between the SEO and SCS2 bands predominately, and are proactively supporting HM Government and its aims to strengthen its pool of external, diverse, government-ready talent through permanent recruitment campaigns, interim support, and proactive and innovative networking events.

Local Government Finance

Local authorities remain a crucial part of public life and face unique challenges, from constantly trying to offer better value for money in line with central government directives and councillors’ election promises to investing money to managing assets on behalf of the community.

Allen Lane has established a market leading profile within local government finance. We have over 200 interim finance professionals across the UK’s local authorities, are a regular presence at CIPFA & GAS events, run networking sessions which have continued to attract the cream of senior talent across the sector, and have an increasing permanent presence whether through multi-vacancy campaigns or individual vacancies up to Section 151 levels.

Allen Lane is the first port of call and most trusted method of recruitment for hundreds of professionals working throughout London councils and beyond – whether through the latest iterations of ESPO or LGRP or personal, often decade-long standing relationships.

NHS Finance

As Europe’s largest employer, the NHS comes under constant scrutiny from both the media and public, making it subject to political comment and potential changes. It does not stand still and whether in Trusts, CCGs or affiliated organisations such as NHSI and NHS England; NHS finance is our ‘flagship’ business.

This is best demonstrated by it being consistently our biggest area in terms of consultants; by the significant campaigns we run (multiple, VSM and sometimes multiple VSM!!); and by it typically being the ‘sector’ in which – as a result of our NHS Finance history – we have started new markets.

Charities and Not for Profit Finance

From a funny red nose to a bright yellow daffodil, some of the most recognisable brands in the UK’s economy are in the charity sector, generating a total income of over £36 billion.

Providing a hugely diverse range of services, support, research and education, there has never been a greater need for their work both in the UK and abroad. With every pound so important, the need for high calibre financial support remains crucial.

Allen Lane has understood this for over 10 years, working hard to not only identify the best sector specialists but to also attract and engage new commercial minds in the market. We work closely with Chief Executives to help them shape their functions, and have established an excellent reputation for delivering an exceptional recruitment service based on experience and market knowledge.

Our passion and expertise makes us the market leader in providing interim, temporary and permanent finance staff to the charity sector.

Housing Finance

In recent years, Housing Associations have weathered a very tough economic climate and are now well placed to meet current practical and financial challenges.

Having operated one of the most successful public-private partnerships on record, levering in £50bn of private finance in return for £40bn of public investment, in conjunction with an underlying income stream from social rent and increased flexibility from partners and stakeholders; the sector will continue successfully to deliver new homes and strong communities in times of economic downturn.

As one of our fastest growing sectors, we have partnered with a number of social housing organisations recruiting finance professionals on an interim, temporary and permanent basis. The salaries on offer and commercial reach of our network has led to us becoming one of the leading suppliers to many of the G15, smaller HAs, ALMOs and property related organisations.

We have hosted housing executive networking events and currently sponsor the industry leading housing finance event in London (run by the National Housing Federation).

Education Finance

The education sector is traditionally divided into three main areas – school education, further education, and higher education. It is a sector that consistently attracts some of the Public Sector’s most creative and innovative thinkers and brightest minds. It’s hard to keep up – from student fee debates to DFE grant distribution and the increase in Academies.

But we do our best… We’re fortunate to have recruited up to board level for the UK’s leading universities (whether through LUPC, SUPC or direct links) as they strive to attract and retain the very best finance professionals to improve communication lines between the finance functions and the Divisions, Directorates and Faculties alongside which they work.

Consequently, careers can be both challenging and, as one is often afforded both a good work life balance and excellent pension scheme, highly rewarding. In short, the education sector offers you the chance to work in high profile businesses and to influence future generations.

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