Interim Programme Director – Back Office

Discipline: Finance

Sector: NHS

Location: London

Type: Temporary

Date posted: 18/12/2019

Start: ASAP

Duration: 6 - 12 months

Salary: £550 per day +


My Client Is looking for an interim programme Director. The role is to work alongside the STP and local Providers to set up a “shared service” for the Corporate Divisons.


  • Enable and assure the delivery of major structural, cultural and transformational change necessary to achieve the Carter targets around the costs of back office functions, aligning with the  STP and new working relationships with other local providers.
  • Provide strategic leadership and direction of a highly complex programme of planning around the consolidation of back office, ensuring that the anticipated benefits are formulated and understood by all stakeholders and delivered utilising all available resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure the development and management of improvement, process mapping, target operating models and implementation plans, including finances, people and data within the team, to enable the delivery of the overall aims and objectives.
  • Work across the organisations to ensure operational buy-in to the back office programme, including design, planning and implementation of agreed targets operating models by area, and timely completion of PIDs  / programme plans
  • Ensure appropriate system and processes are in place to enable tracking of delivery across both organisations.
  • Ensuring that key stakeholders and professional groups are active partners in delivering measurable improvements in the design and operation of back office / clinical support functions.
  • Proactively manage the key risks and issues associated with ensuring that appropriate actions are taken to mitigate or respond to the risks / issues, particularly in relation to quality impact assessments and business continuity.
  • Ensure performance of the back office consolidation team. This includes: monitoring and establishing accountability on the overall progress of the consolidation plans; ensuring leadership and involvement by senior decision makers is central to the work of the back office programme; and ensuring effective joint working between the team and the wider organisation.
  • Have overall responsibility for the back office team budget, and manage the budgetary implications of activity to the standards expected by CWFT.
  • Ensure that clear links exist between the back office programme and operational management within the enlarged organisation, and act with tact and diplomacy in order to contain anxieties about the ambitious scale of change envisaged.
  • Report the progress of the programme directly to the Director of Integration and Transformation, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy CEO.

Key responsibilities:

  • Identify and work closely with all key stakeholders associated with the Back Office consolidation programme, including SMEs, senior decision makers and operational managers, and the Trusts’ other transformation programme teams.
  • Lead the establishment and coordination of subject matter specific working groups, to work across the organisations to establish the aims, target operating models and scope for each consolidation programme, and to subsequently co-ordinate delivery according to the agreed timescales.
  • Ensure that the ‘life cycle’ of back office planning is properly managed, including scoping, PID development, approval within the proper governance structures, and implementation planning.  Adopt a risk-based approach to delivery, ensuring that there is clear communication and liaison with experts as necessary as plans and consultative processes are delivered.
  • Ensure that quality improvement is central to the work of the back office team, by setting clear priorities for target operating models, underpinned by lean principles, and that there is an appropriate methodology to ensure savings and non-financial benefits are quantified and measured.
  • Support the organisations in facilitating discussions to encourage creative thinking, identify options and develop methods to realise new operating models and ways of working for support functions, including those enabled by new technology.
  • Ensure that target operating models are subject to rigorous options appraisals and risk assessments, including financial implications, flexibility / scalability, governance, TUPE, tax and VAT, transition costs.
  • Lead the development of systems for measuring improvement and savings, and co-ordinate the collection, analysis, synthesis, and presentation of data in a variety of formats.
  • Ensure fortnightly progress reports are submitted to the CFO / DCEO as required.
  • Ensure that any issues that are blocking the progress of the back office programme are dealt with and removed.
  • Communicate with tact and sensitivity the achievements of the back office programme across all participating organisations, and the STP.
  • Encourage innovation and act as a critical friend to senior managers as the back office transformation process evolves and new ideas come to the fore.


  1. Ensure that projects are managed to budget and on time.

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